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Weekend BBQ Feast Menu

Updated: Aug 29, 2018

BBQs are the ultimate easy summer meal - here I've created a menu with options that make tempt vegetarians and vegans as much as the meat seekers.

You and your friends will enjoy the traditional meat recipes, combined some fabulous, nutritious salads and side dishes that will get piled up on everyone's plates and leave's no-one out!

Of course, if you are doing this during the week when you want a simpler solution just pick a few of the dishes - but make sure you include the stuffed peppers for the vegans/vegetarians and a chicken or lamb koftas for the meat eaters so everyone has a 'protein dish'. The suggestions for the meat dishes can be replaced by any of your own favourites.

Weekend BBQ Feast Menu

Serves 6

Garlicky yoghurt and/or guacamole (vegan) to serve on the side of the Stuffed Peppers.

Note: if you are short of time, you can use ready-prepared tzatziki and guacamole.

French bread or pitta bread to accompany.


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