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Vegan Appetisers

If you're having friends over for drinks, these days you should probably think about including some vegan's a couple of ideas:

Make Them! ....

Most/many crisps are vegan, so pair these with a red pepper humous, plain humous, or dairy free guacamole. Squashage rolls always go down well...

If you want to impress, try these Aubergine Appetisers...

or Mixed Bean Pate on Bruschetta.

or Buy them! Waitrose do a 21 piece pack for £13 but you have to give them 2 days' notice. It includes 9 mini Vegan Beet Wellingtons (featuring beetroot) and 12 Vegan Tacos – featuring jackfruit). Tesco's frozen party food range includes Vegetable Samosas, Onion Bhajiis and Mini Spring Rolls, each for £1 a pack with 12-14 pieces per pack. Sainsbury's do a couple of ranges, all helpfully labelled 'Vegan'. These include the Vegan 12 Take a Bao Selection for £4 and 12 Vegan Asian Festive Bites for £4. M&S do several Vegan Party Products - but label them Vegetarian. The ones that are vegan are Vegetarian Spring Rolls (24 pieces for £10), the Oriental Vegetable Selection , and the Mushroom Steamed Bun Pieces (24 for £14) which are prepared to a vegan recipe, but may have traces of dairy. Aldi are launching a Vegan Dim Sum range on 12 Dec with 12 pieces for £2.99. Bargain!

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