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Vegan to Dinner shares sets of recipes which complement each other, creating a delicious dinner for everyone at your table.


Build up a repertoire of Flexitarian meal menus and recipes to use on an everyday basis, as well as on those special occasions. 

About Vegan to Dinner

There is no getting away from it, often we have to create a dinner that feeds not only traditional meat and fish eaters, but vegetarians or vegans too - all at the same table. 

With over 3.5 million Vegans and 7 million Vegetarians just in the UK, more households than ever have Vegans and Vegetarians eating alongside traditional meat and fish eaters. 

When we entertain, our table needs to offer a vegetarian or vegan option alongside the meat/fish option as the norm. 

Three things are clear to us:

  1. People usually have a couple of recipes or meal ideas they depend on when Vegans or Vegetarians come to dinner. Once in a while is fine, but catering for them every day is much more difficult.

  2. People really struggle with the challenge of incorporating vegan dishes into the meal.  

  3. People don't want to feel the meal is a compromise because they're catering for Vegans or Vegetarians.

So let's help each other prepare delicious "Flexitarian" menus – one meal, where all the dishes on the table co-ordinate together. It looks cohesive as well as tasting delicious. Everyone can pick and choose which dishes they like or favour, without anyone feeling different or awkward.

Our Story….


I’m Caroline and i’ve been a vegetarian since I was 10 years old, and always lived with traditional eaters - so I know first hand what the challenges are, and I've developed some easy solutions which I want to share.  


When my colleague and friend Catherine were talking about ideas for what to cook for her vegan friends who were coming to dinner recently, we realised that we both see these ‘vegetarian and vegan dilemmas’ as opportunities to enjoy cooking and eating food in different ways.  And Vegan to Dinner was born.

Enjoy the site and look forward to hearing what YOUR best Flexitarian meals are when a Vegan comes to Dinner! 



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