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Vodka Tomato Pasta (Ve)

This simple pasta dish combines penne pasta with cream, tomatoes, a little chilli and a dash of vodka to provide you with a more exciting version of a tomato sauce pasta dish that can be served to family or friends.

The sauce serves 4-5. You can 'stretch' it a bit by adding a little more cream and a squirt of tomato puree at the last stage if it doesn’t look enough. 


4 tablespoons olive oil

4 plump garlic cloves, or a squirt of garlic paste

1 tablespoon of sugar (if you have it)

1 teaspoon of chilli powder

2 x 14 oz passata tomatoes 

2 tablespoons of vodka 

225ml double/single cream OR 225ml Alpro single cream if cooking vegan-style

Parmesan grated cheese for serving - see vegan parmesan alternative


Dried penne pasta for 4-6 e.g. 500g


Put a pan of water on and bring it to the boil. This is for the pasta.  Cook the pasta whilst you’re making the sauce. 

Make the sauce:

Put the oil into a separate big bottomed pan, and heat gently. Add the garlic on a gentle heat for about a minute until it starts to turn golden but isn’t burnt. Don’t let it go brown and burnt. Throw it out if it does that and start again!

Add the chilli powder, sugar, and Passata tomatoes and cook down the sauce on a low heat until it’s thickened. You will need to put a cover over it, but leave a gap to let the steam out. 

When the pasta is just tender (al dente), drain it and add it to the thickened sauce (or vice versa).

Add the vodka and the cream (or Alpro cream), and stir these through the sauce and the pasta. Season.

Heat through so the sauce is hot again, but don’t curdle the cream in the sauce. 

Serve on warmed plates with Parmesan or Vegan-style Parmesan

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