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Oven Bakes for Mid-week Menu

Updated: Aug 29, 2018

A great dinner during dark winter evenings, this menu with its pork and leek bake makes the most of those fantastic leeks that are in in-season November to April. The hearty Spinach and Butter Bean is the perfect match, and can be made to a vegan or a vegetarian recipe.

Serve this with potatoes along with some carrots or a tomato salad, to add a bit of colour to the plate!


Mashed potatoes or boiled potatoes

Suggestion: If you don't want to present a second baked dish, the Pork and Leek bake can be 'paired' with the stuffed peppers with beans with a kick dish.That works well too!

Vary your vegetable accompaniment dishes according to the time you have available. Carrots work just as well as parsnips in a lime glaze, for example!

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