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VegantoDinner Caroline Thompson Cooking.

Helping you to make delicious meals for meat/fish lovers and vegans/vegetarians eating together


Lots of people ask me for advice on what to cook when a vegan or vegetarian is coming to dinner - or when a son or daughter turns vegan or vegetarian.  They want to create meals which are delicious and nutritious for vegans or vegetarians - and keep those looking for meat or fish happy too. 

I've been a vegetarian for many years, living within a traditional meat eating household. I wanted to share with you my approach to catering for vegans and vegetarians alongside traditional eaters. With the  great menu suggestions and recipe combinations , it's easy to prepare really delicious, tempting dishes that look and taste great, and go together really well. 


Enjoy the adventure! Caroline

One of my dinner guests is vegan or vegetarian: what do I do?

When you have some guests who eat fish or meat, and others who are vegan or vegetarian, you want to create a meal that looks and tastes fabulous, and includes everyone. Here are some menus for dishes that taste great together. These are just a few from our range of versatile menus. Enjoy the adventure!


Pork Tenderloin with Chestnut Pie Menu

Greek Style Meze Menu

Indian Curry Night Feast Menu

Smart Roast Lunch Menu

Mexican Feast Menu

Group Of Friends Enjoying Pre Dinner Dri
Happy daughter teenager with her mother

A single vegan/vegetarian in a meat eating household can be a challenge!

When we have people with different eating lifestyles living together, we often end up preparing multiple meals at dinner time - which is time consuming and frustrating. From my experience, I've put together some menus combining dishes that go together, and ensure that there is something tasty and nutritious for everyone at the table. Here's just a few suggestions from our range of versatile menus:


Midweek Oven Bake Menu

Chicken & Stuffed Peppers Menu

Turkey Steaks and Bean Casserole Menu

Baked Fish & Stuffed Lentil Potatoes Menu

Side-by-Side Pasta Bakes Menu

Weekday Middle Eastern Menu



Go to our Tips page for useful information and tips to help you more easily cater for vegans/vegetarians at your table.


  • What can vegans eat/not eat? 

  • What are the things to watch out for and avoid?

  • What are useful substitutes you can use in cooking meals using plant based ingredients?

  • What are great short cuts we can recommend?


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